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BREAKING NEWS!! (We think lol) 

This new movie came up in a search, that we have NOT seen before! Aidan Turner is set to star in the lead of this upcoming film called INFERNO! It says it’s slated for 2015!

OMG! Could it really be that THIS is Aidan’s next project that we have all been waiting for?

We don’t know for sure, but the links below make it seem pretty good! *fingers crossed*!!!!

INFERNO synopsis

CHRIS BLYTHE has made a fortune, and lost a fortune; and now has returned to his home town to start all over again. He gets a job as a labourer in a quarry run by the tight-fisted,hard-headed millionaire BRINLEY MATTHEWS. Brinley is a ruthless man with only one redeeming feature - his love for his beautiful daughter, ELAINE.

Chris and the mercurial Elaine meet, and begin a passionate and volatile love affair.

Elaine’s a dreamer; but she’s also smart, and tough, and Chris has never known a woman like her.

Elaine feels trapped by her father, and his tight-fisted ways. Chris begins to realise she is damaged; and finally, she reveals that Brin has brutalised her both physically and emotionally.

Chris’s rage builds. He hits upon a plan to ‘save’ Elaine; and murders Brinley by drowning him in stone dust. Elaine is now a rich woman. But Chris learns, on his wedding day, that Elaine is a bare-faced liar. She’s never been abused by her father. Chris has been duped into committing murder….

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